Hired Bride - Season 1 - Episode 43

2 years ago


Edward simply rolled a pen
across the table and it stopped
and rested on top of the page.

“You want me to sign this? You
want me to terminate the
contract?” She asked in ridicule
as Edward amusedly smiled at
her. But as soon as the smile
appeared, it was gone the next
second and his face was masked
in firmness.

“You said you love my son, didn’t
you?” He rhetorically asked her.
“If you really love my son and
have a little sympathy towards
him, you will sign the paper.”

She glared at him, practically
boring holes into his head. She
was furious and started to get
annoyed with him. He had no idea
what he was asking of her. He
didn’t have the right to decide for
Mason as well. Kelsey was
growing enraged about his so-
called proposal to terminate the
contract she and Mason signed.

She knew Mason was going to
terminate the contract anyway
since they both wanted to make
their relationship legitimate, but
she knew Edward had something
up his sleeve.

“You know what’s going to
happen when the public finds out
about the contract, which I know
for a certain many reporters will
find out soon?” He asked her
again, snapping her out of her
trance. “You know what will
happen to Mason when they find
out that he couldn’t even man up
and get married for real? That he
had to lie to everyone and hire a
supposed wife?” He questioned
but Kelsey stayed silent.

“Mason will lose everything.”

Edward firmly told her,
seriousness leaking through his
tone of voice. “He will lose the
people’s trust, he will lose the
company, he will lose his
dreams.” He informed her as
tears spilled out of her eyes, not
being able to contain them any
longer. “You wouldn’t want to be
the cause of that, will you? You
wouldn’t want to be the reason
why he loses everything he’s

Kelsey felt the pain surging
through her chest. She felt the
tightening of her chest as she
took deep breaths to calm herself
down. She couldn’t help but think
that Edward had a good point.

Mason was risking of putting
everything on the line if they stay
together. And Kelsey wouldn’t be
able to live with herself if she
found out in the near future that
she was the cause of his
suffering. Wasn’t the reason why
they agreed on the contract in the
first place was because he didn’t
want to lose the company?

Kelsey didn’t want to be a
hindrance to him. She didn’t want
to be a blocking stone in his path
to success. She would only drag
him down until they reach a point
where both of them wouldn’t be
able to stand her.

“You said you love your family,
am I right Ms. Parker?” Edward
spoke up once again. “Even
though our circumstances might
be rough, I love Mason the same
way you love your family. Maybe
even greater because he is my
son. He is my flesh, Ms. Parker.

And just like what you’ve said,
you will do everything for your
family. I will also do everything in
my willpower to protect my
family. Everything.” He
emphasized with a pointed and
serious look in his eyes.
After a couple of seconds that
have passed, which felt like hours
to Kelsey, she had finally found
her voice. “What would happen if
I sign this?” She asked with a
hoarse voice as she stared back
down at the paper that was
peering right back at her.

“I will pay you the remaining
money. But in return, you will
leave my son alone. You will go
as far away from him as possible.
I heard that you want to finish
school. I will send you to any
culinary school you would like, as
long as it’s not here. I will pay for
everything. Just don’t ever show
your face to my son ever again.”

He told her and Kelsey felt more
enraged with every word he
spoke. He was completely tearing
every single thing she had, even
her pride and she wasn’t about to
let that happen. If there was one
thing her mother had taught her,
it was to never let anyone strip
you of your dignity, of your pride.

“I don’t need your money, Mr.
King.” She firmly announced with
gritted teeth. “I don’t need you to
do anything for me. I will leave
Mason alone because that is
what’s best for him. I will go far
away from him because I don’t
want to be a hindrance to his
success. I’m not doing this for
you, Mr. King. I’m doing this for
your son because I love him and I
don’t want to see him suffer
because of me.” She told him.

After they stared each other
down, Kelsey finally broke eye
contact with him and took the pen
with shaky hands, as she was still
crying from the pain she was
feeling. The thought of never
seeing him again broke her. She
felt her heart shattering into
pieces as she signed the
termination of her contract with
Mason. She wiped her tears with
the back of her hand and took a
deep breath.

Kelsey stood from the couch and
took the purse she brought with
her. Edward stood up as well and
stuck his hand out to shake hers.

“Thank you for your time, Ms.

Kelsey only stared at his hand
and spoke. “I hope you find the
real meaning of love, Mr. King. I
hope that one day, you will be
able to define what family is all
about.” She wished him as she
ignored his hand and walked out
the door with her head held high.

She might have seemed
immature and disrespectful for
leaving him hanging, but she had
enough of pretending that they
were okay with one other. She
didn’t want to be fake about it
any longer. She was done with all
the acting and pretending, she
just wanted to be real for once.

To be accepted for who she really


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