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Kelsey sighed in exhaustion as her head hit the pillows. She was relieved that they were home sweet home but she was also a bit upset because she really missed the beach. It was fun while it lasted. She was ready to doze off after she took a shower after the long travel. Her eyelids as the sleepiness greeted her. She was half awake when the bed dipped beside her. She la!d on her side to look at the cause of the commotion and saw Mason staring at her in admiration. “Close your eyes, Kelsey.” He gently whispered as he swept the strand of hair that fell on her face and tucked it behind her ear. Kelsey tiredly smiled at him and closed her eyes in obedience. She enjoyed his soothing touch, caressing her head softly and let sleep take her away. But before she could completely lose consciousness, Mason lightly pecked her forehead and cradled her body against his. “Good night, mon amour.” ~ * ~ * ~ The next morning, Kelsey was awoken by the beeping of her electric alarm clock by the nightstand. She groaned and extended her long arm to hit the button. She sleepily sat up but was held down by a weight around her stomach. She turned to her side and stared at Mason’s peaceful face. She had completely forgot that he came in to her room last night. She smiled at the thought that he wanted to sleep next to her. He had been sleeping close to her ever since the trip. He had been a bit clingy and Kelsey felt her heart swell at his sweet and romantic gestures. She had completely fallen head over heels for him and she didn’t think she would be able to stop herself any longer. She wanted more, she wanted more than just a contract and he did promise that they were ending the contract and they were going to try to make their relationship work. She really hoped he had meant what he had said. Kelsey was snapped out of her trance when Mason pulled her flushed against him, catching her off guard.

A little squeak escaped her lips as Mason smiled and rested his chin on the top of her head. “Mason.” Kelsey groaned as he pulled her tighter. “Mason, I have to get going or I’ll be late for work.” She told him, trying to push him away but Mason kept his firm hold on her. “Five more minutes.” He huskily mumbled and cuddled her. Kelsey whined and tried pushing him again but to no avail. “Mason, I really have to go.” She complained, even though all she really wanted was to stay in bed with him the entire day. However, she really needed to go to work and earn a living, especially now that Mason was going to terminate the contract.

She figured that since they were ending the contract, she wasn’t going to get paid by him any longer. It was a good thing she was working for Ricky because she was paid well in her job. Mason groaned and flipped them around, with him on top of her. He leaned on his elbows to keep his heavy body from crushing her tiny one. He beamed down at her annoyed look and leaned down to capture her lips. He kissed her slowly and gently, causing the butterflies to swarm in her stomach. He pulled away and sighed in contentment. “I wish we would always wake up like this.” He told her and placed another peck on her lips. He just couldn’t get enough of her. Kelsey couldn’t help but smile back at him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested his forehead against her’s. “Me too.” She lovingly uttered and Mason was amazed by the smile on her face.

But before he knew it, it was completely wiped off of her face. “But I really have to go to work.” She seriously stated and pushed him off. He landed on his back on the bed and pouted. “Can’t I just spend another minute with my fiancée?” He asked in annoyance as she got up from the bed and started making her way to the bathroom, her hips swaying as she walked making Mason even more frustrated. She was very much affecting him in ways he didn’t like. He was getting aroused just by the little actions she made, like swaying her hips when walking or biting her lips when she was nervous. “Maybe tonight.” She seductively told him with a teasing smile on her face as she looked over he shoulder to glance at him. Mason groaned as he felt his body heating up just by thinking of ways to please her. Kelsey hadn’t been this bold, let alone learn how to flirt with men.

But seeing the frustration in Mason’s face was enough to put her in a really good mood.

She chuckled and locked the bathroom behind her, just in case Mason may think of doing something they might both regret later on. ~ * ~ * ~ When Kelsey descended down the stairs, the smell of pancakes and bacon wafted in the air. She sniffed the heavenly smell and headed towards the kitchen where Georgia was busy finishing up with the food and Mason was reading the newspaper with his glasses on. Kelsey couldn’t help but admire desirable, sculptured body. It was obvious that God took his time creating him.

He had never failed to amazed her on how handsome he looked in his formal suit and those sexy glasses. “Good morning.”

Georgia warmly greeted her as Kelsey shot her a genuine smile and greeted her back.

Mason looked up from the paper hearing Kelsey’s voice and set it down on the side of the table. Mason kept her gaze on her as she made herself some coffee and chatted enthusiastically with Georgia about their trip.

He wished she was always this happy because it also brought joy in his heart to see her constantly smiling. She looked even more beautiful when she was smiling. Soon enough, Kelsey joined him and Georgia placed the stack of pancakes and fried egg and bacon on the table. She left the two of them in the kitchen, sensing the sexual tension in the room. Georgia had never seen Mason stare at any girl so intently and passionately. She felt relieved that he was finally showing some emotions of love after all these years, practically his whole life, she has been watching him. Mason continued to watch Kelsey’s every movement and Kelsey felt uncomfortable under his scrutinizing eyes.

She unconsciously bit her lip and placed a pancake on her plate. She heard Mason groaned, earning her attention. “What now?” She asked him. Mason reached out and brushed his thumb on her lower lip to release it in between her teeth. Kelsey stiffened at his action and baffled at him. “Don’t bite your lip like that. It’s driving me crazy.” He truthfully told her as a small gasp escaped her mouth. She unknowingly curtained her face with her hair to hide her flushed cheeks. He always had his ways to make her blush. He chuckled at her cuteness and reached for the plate of egg and bacon. “Here.” He said as he placed some bacon and egg on her plate. Kelsey muttered a quick ‘thank-you’ and ate. Mason was still intently watching her and she felt really uncomfortable with it. “Stop staring.” She commanded, not even sparing him a glance. “Sorry, I can’t help it. You just look so beautiful.” He sincerely uttered. Kelsey sighed and faced him. “Here we go again with the cheesy lines.” She kidded, causing Mason to laugh, remembering the morning at their trip when he woke up with a backache. “I’m telling you the truth.

You are beautiful.” He repeated with seriousness in his words. Kelsey smiled and giggled at his bubbly character. “Alright, alright, Mr. King. Now stop staring at me and finish your food. You’re gonna be late for work if you don’t hurry up.” She warned him and went back to her food.

Mason shrugged his shoulders and started eating. “I don’t think the boss would mind.” He smartly retorted as Kelsey shot him a pointed look. He chuckled and put a big slice of pancake on his mouth. “Better?” He mumbled as the sound was muffled by his full mouth. Kelsey grinned at his foolishness and laughed heartedly. She took a strip of bacon on her plate and shoved it in his already full mouth. Mason ate it and took his time to chew his food. Kelsey sliced another big piece of his pancake and shoved it in his mouth. Mason whined with some muffled sound as Kelsey tried to shove more food in his mouth. He furiously shook his hand and tickled her side to inhibit her from shoving more food in his mouth. Kelsey giggled and kept going. “I’m gonna choke if you don’t stop!” Mason tried to say but the words were slurred. “What? What was that?” Kelsey teasingly asked and kept shoving him more food. “You want more, you say.” “Kelsey-” He said but started choking. Kelsey rapidly stood from her seat and cursed at herself for her stupidity. She took the napkin from the table and placed it in front of his mouth. “Spit!” She commanded in panic as he obliged. She patted his back as he struggled in fits of coughing. She took the glass of water on the table and placed it on the edge of his lips. “Drink it.” She guided him and tilted the glass, allowing the water to fluidly entered his mouth. Once his coughing had stopped, Kelsey took his reddened face in between her palms and looked at him in concern. “I’m sorry. Are you okay?” She worriedly asked him. Mason stared at her panic look and thought she looked incredibly adorable. He couldn’t stop himself and stole a kiss. Kelsey eyes widened in shock froze at his sudden action. “I’m all better now.” He announced and smile genuinely at her.

Kelsey took the napkin on his lap and whipped it at his face. Mason grunted in surprise but laughed at her attempt to act mad at him. “Hurry up and finish eating. I’ll drop you off at work.” He informed her while she was sitting back down on her chair.

They then finished eating, chatting here and then before leaving for work. ~ * ~ * ~ “Let’s go! Let’s go!” Ace excitedly demanded as he dragged his mother inside the hospital. Hilda chuckled at his persistency and rubbed the top of his head. “I’m sure Kyle is also excited to see you. But be careful, honey.” She reminded him as he dashed towards the entrance doors and jumped in giddiness. Hilda hurried after him and made their way to the reception area. “Good evening, Nurse Jill.” She greeted the woman who usually took care and looked after her son. Jill shot her a wide smile and took a piece of lollipop in a bucket of candies. “Good evening, Hilda. It’s nice to see you.” She saluted back and perched up on the counter by leaning on her elbows. “And this is for my favourite visitor.” She said as she handed the lollipop to him. Ace cheekily at her and reached for the candy. “Thank you, Nurse Jill!” He politely and gratefully thanked her. “You’re always welcome.” She told him with the same enthusiasm in her tone.

She then turned her attention back to his mother. “You may head in.” She informed Hilda. They were about to leave when Jill remembered something. “Oh, right.

Hilda…” She called out. Hilda looked back and patiently waited for what Jill was about to say. Jill went around the counter and stood next to her. “I know I’m not suppose to tell you this, but I know you’ll get mad if you didn’t know…” She trailed on as Hilda impatiently waited for her to continue since she was growing curious. “What is it?” She pushed on. Jill looked on both ways of the hallway and when she was certain that the coast was clear, she leaned in closer to Hilda. “Kyle’s bills are all taken cared of.

Everything has been paid.” She announced, bringing Hilda’s brows together in astonishment and bewilderment. To say that she was surprised was an understatement, she was way beyond surprise. “I’m sorry, what? Did I hear you right? Are you sure about this?” Hilda asked her in awe. The idea itself wouldn’t seem to wrap around her head.

She found it difficult to register Jill’s words in her mind, either she was in denial that no sane person would take the responsibility to pay for her son’s expenses or she was just in total disbelief. “I’m completely sure. I even checked with the finance team and they said that someone had sponsored him.” Jill confirmed firmly. “Who is it?” Hilda questioned. The least she could do was thank the person who had helped her son and her family’s situation. She was really grateful and she would be forever be indulgence for their generosity. Jill shook her head and sighed. “They said that they’re not allowed to disclose the person’s name.” “Thanks for informing me, Nurse Jill. If you have any news of who this person might be, please let me know right away.” She asked of her as Jill nodded her head. “Mom, can we go?” Ace pouted as he stared at his mother with pleading eyes. Hilda sighed and shot Jill another grateful smile. She then took Ace’s hand and beamed at him. “Let’s go!” She enthusiastically said as Ace jumped in his feet and dragged her towards Kyle’s room.

But Hilda was still bothered about what she had just discovered. Someone paid for her son’s expenses, someone had taken the responsibility to provide for her son and she really wished she knew who it was. The more she thought about it, the more anxious she felt. All she could really do now was be grateful and thankful to the kindhearted person who had helped her son and her family. _________________

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