A Girl Like Amanda - S01 E28 (Story Episode)

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Coming out of mama’s room, she sees Soludo seated at a corner.

She called him and he ran up to her.

“Is there any eatery around?.” She asks him.

He thinks around for a second and said “Yes, there is one close to the school. Daili foods.” He said.

“Good, get dressed and call Soludo and Lotenna, we are going to the eatery but inform your mother first okay?” She said and he smiled immediately. He ran quickly to Soludo and Lotenna, he told them and they grinning from ear to ear. The three of them ran to their mother inside their building.

Few minutes later, they came out dancing happily after changing to something nice.

Amanda looking at them smiled and opened the back door for the three children but Soludo pleaded to sit at the passenger seat with her. She only look at him and open the front seat for him, he climbs on roughly but sits and adjusted his cloth.

Igniting the engine and driving out of the compound.

Seven minutes later, they arrived at the restaurant and Soludo and his siblings were happy as they gleefully came down.

She leads them inside the restaurant.

Seeing an empty seat and the far end, she directs them and the four of them took a seat. Soludo still smiling, looks around obviously happy about the place.

“Waiter!” She called to lady who wore a white T-shirt with the restaurant’s logo on the shirt.

She walks up to them and said her usual “Hello, what can I get for you guys” after giving her menu.

Amanda taking a peek at it ordered for fried rice with salad with a chicken lap for each.

The waiter still showing her usual smile nods her head and walks away to the counter where she talks to a guy, waiting for a minute. A tray is placed on the counter top and the girl picks it up and headed back to the Amanda’s table.

“Aunty Amanda this food is sweet oo, in fact, almost sweeter than my mother’s own.” Soludo suddenly commented.

“It’s a lie jor, mummy’s meal is better than theirs but the food is good.” Lotenna cuts in.

“Lotenna, Soludo is right oo. I mean are you eating what am eating here?.” Osita asked taking a bite on his chicken lap.

Amanda hearing, slightly laughs.

“Soludo and Osita, your sister is right. It’s not right to say this in public. Your mum is a good cook Soludo.” She strokes his head a little, he nods and mutters “Am sorry”.

“Nothing to be sorry about.” She said as continued eating.

Ten minutes later.

They walked out of the restaurant carrying pack of foods obviously for the children at home. They entered the car.

“Hope you guys enjoyed the food.” She asked as she insert the key.

“Yes!” They shouted in unison.

She smiles and ignited the engine. This is her parting gift.

She will tell mama when she gets home and she will give everyone something to remember her by.

She planned on going back to the city the next day.

Reversing out of restaurant’s edifice. She drove out.

She took a left turn into a bushy area but she suddenly stops the car.

In front of her was a fallen tree blocking her path.

She looked confused and looks around, sensing danger. She wanted to pull out her hand gun from the car cabinet but couldn’t do it as the children were watching her.

“Aunty what happened? This tree wasn’t here when we passed here earlier.” Lotenna spoke out.

“I know Lotenna, you guys should stay in the car. Do not come out of this car for any reason.” She warns them as she comes down from the car.

Taking a look at the surrounding bushes, she couldn’t see any tree around.

She walks up to the tree and tries lifting.

Immediately a masked man came out from his hiding behind Amanda.

“Hello beautiful.” The tall masked man spoke out.

Amanda turns around and see the man holding a gun.

“Look, whatever you think you’re gonna do. You’ll simply regret. So my advice to you is this. Walk out while you still can.” She warns.

“You’re still feisty. Amanda, you didn’t think a miserable girl like you could embarrass me and go scott free, do you?.” He laughs.

“Why don’t you remove your baby mask and find out if I won’t rearrange your face again?” She commented.


She falls down holding her head, his accomplice hit her from behind with a tree trunk.

Seeing blood, she gets angry, standing up, she is hit hard on the head again.

Soludo quickly comes out of the car and attempted running to her, but the tall masked man, pulls him back.

“You love this Kids right? I mean you would lay your life for theirs right?” He spoke out angrily.

“If you hurt him, you’re a dead man. I promise you that.”

The short masked man hits her head again and falls down gasping, the blows to her head pains her.

Soludo who is crying, bites the man and he shouts, using the butt of the gun, he hits him hard on the head and he passed out.

Osita comes out angrily and tries attacking the man but he shoots his leg, he falls down screaming loudly.

“Am gonna kill you guys.” She weakly said.

“Well, I highly doubt that.” He said.

“Take her inside the bush. She looks good to fvck.” He orders and the short guy carried her on his shoulder, Amanda tried fighting but the tall guy punched her across the face, hard. Blood drips down her nose.

Lotenna, quickly came down and ran to her brothers crying.

“Lotenna, go and tell uncle Olisa. Hurry!” He said in pains.

Lotenna nods her and sprang up to her feet, she ran as fast as her leg could carry her…

To Be Continued

Let’s discuss, what do you think will happen next? Who are the attackers? Will Amanda be able to save herself like she did before? Or would someone else save her?

Next and Last episode coming this evening or tomorrow… And yes. Am sorry for the late posting. Biko no vex.

Thank you very much guys.

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